Courses Offered

Master of Arts in Ancient Judaism and Christian Origins

(New York City campus only)

First Year

REL:  Problems and Methods in Research…(3)
HIS: History of the Land of Israel (333 BCE-135 CE) …(3)CoinVespasian
GEO/ARCH: Historical Geography of the Holy Land …(3)
*LAN: Elementary Modern Hebrew I…(3)

ARCH:  Land of the Bible (J-Term)…(3)

REL:  Intertestamental Jewish Literature…(3)
LAN: Readings in Postbiblical Hebrew I:  Dead Sea Scrolls…(3)
*LAN: Elementary Modern Hebrew II…(3)


Second Year

REL: Early Rabbinical Thought and Literature…(3)
LAN: Readings in Postbiblical Hebrew II:  Readings in the Tannaim…(3)
REL/BIB:  Jewish Hermeneutical Methods & the New Testament…(3)3241rb
*LAN: Intermediate Modern Hebrew I…(3)

REL/BIB: Qumran and Nascent Christianity (John and Paul)…(3)
REL/BIB:  New Testament Seminar…(3)
LAN/BIB:  Greek Readings:  Synoptic Gospels…(3)
*LAN: Intermediate Modern Hebrew II…(3)

*Students may choose to study Modern Hebrew in Israel, at another academic institution or through private tutorial.  What is imperative is that s/he attains the level of proficiency expected in the Modern Hebrew proficiency exam given at the end of the program.