AJCO and CSGE Luncheon: Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Wealth and the Responsibility to the Poor

On September 10th, 2014 Nyack’s Graduate Program in Ancient Judaism and the Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement joined forces to provide the faculty and students with an academic luncheon entitled, “Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Wealth and the Responsibility to the Poor.” Nyack College and ATS had the opportunity to hear from George Kohler, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Jewish Thought at Bar Ilan University, and Jeffrey P. García, Lecturer in Bible at Nyack College NYC. The presentations were moderated by Constance Diggs, AJCO’s program coordinator.

Mr. García’s paper dealt with Jesus’ own view of Torah Observance. Four Gospel narratives were examined that to show that the most important commandment in Jesus’ teaching was caring for the poor.

Dr. Kohler dealt specifically with the idea of charity within Judaism, noting that the idea of charity as a central religious obligation is essentially Jewish. Dr. Kohler centered his study on biblical and rabbinic sources, as well as the teaching of the medieval rabbi Maimonedes, whose eight-fold teaching on charity is of central importance to the observance of the commandments.

AJCO and CSGE were delighted to be joined by the dean of ATS, Dr. Louis Carlo, the dean of the College of Arts and Science, Dr. Fernando Arzola, the dean of Students of Nyack College, Dr. Charles Hammond, International Workers in Residence, Matthew and Christiane Reves, and all of the college and seminary faculty and students that were present.

AJCO would like to extend a special thank you Dr. Kohler for his time and brilliant presentation before heading back to Israel.



Ms. Constance Diggs

Garcia Present

Jeffrey P. García

Kohler Garcia Diggs 1

George Kohler


From L to R: C. Diggs, C. Reves, Dean Carlo, R.S. Notley, J. García, G. Kohler, M. Reves, and V (Nina) Balmaceda

K & G Answering Questions & Answers Matt Reves Notley Faculty 1 Christiane Dean Carlo Kohler Garcia Diggs ATS Student Kohler and Garcia













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