Papers to be Presented at AJCO’s Inaugural Conference

AJCO-CONF-FLYER-PAPER-TITLESThe following is a list of the paper topics that will be presented at AJCO’s Inaugural Conference on August 29th, 2013.

David Emanuel
Matthew 21:6:  “From the Mouths of Infants and Babes:” Early Interpretations and Reflections of a Hebrew Verse.

Steven Fine
Luke 22:53:  “When I was daily with you in the Temple…:” What did the Jerusalem Temple Look Like in the Time of Jesus?

Alexandria Frisch
Matthew 24:28 and the Death of the Roman Empire

Jeffrey Garcia
Matt 19:20: “What Do I Still Lack?” Jesus’ Halakha on Giving to the Poor

Daniel Machiela
The Early Jewish Background to the Laying on of Hands and Demon Expulsion in Luke-Acts 

Eric Meyers
Sepphoris, Nazareth, and First Century Galilee

Steven Notley
Luke 5:33-35: “When the Bridegroom is Taken Away”  

Serge Ruzer
In Search of the Jewish Literary Backdrop of Mark 1:1-11: Between The Rule of the Community and Midrashic Traditions from Later Rabbinic Sources 

Lawrence Schiffman
The Bleeding Woman in Mark, Matthew and Luke: perspectives from Qumran and Rabbinic Literature

Claudia Setzer
Mark 7:28:  “Even the Dogs under the Table Eat the Children’s Crumbs:” Women, Food, and Learning.

Brad Young
The Forgiveness of Sins and the Power to Overcome Them: A Lexical and Exegetical Study of John 20:23

Burt Visotzky
ἀνοίγω in Luke 24 and Rabbinic Use of פתח

Download Flyer here


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