New Journal: Journal for the Study of Judaism 43:4-5 (2012)

JSJ 43:4-5 (2012)

pp. 453-454(2)
Authors: Najman, Hindy; Tigchelaar, Eibert

The Transformation of the Torah in Second Temple Judaism
pp. 455-474(20)
Author: Collins, John J.

The Riverrun of Rewriting Scripture: From Textual Cannibalism to Scriptural Completion1
pp. 475-496(22)
Author: Petersen, Anders Klostergaard

The Vitality of Scripture Within and Beyond the “Canon“
pp. 497-518(22)
Author: Najman, Hindy

Classifications of the Collection of Dead Sea Scrolls and the Case of Apocryphon of Jeremiah C
pp. 519-550(32)
Author: Tigchelaar, Eibert

Qumran as Scroll Storehouse in Times of Crisis? A Comparative Perspective on Judaean Desert Manuscript Collections
pp. 551-594(44)
Authors: Popović, Mladen

The Image of Jacob in the Targum of Hosea 12
pp. 595-612(18)
Author: Van Ruiten, Jacques

Bitenosh’s Orgasm (1QapGen 2:9-15)
pp. 613-628(16)
Author: Van der Horst, Pieter W.


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