Nov/Dec Biblical Archaeological Review

Here are the latest contents of BAR Nov/Dec Issue (38/6). Vermes’ article appears to be quite interested

“The Persisting Uncertainties of Kuntillet ‘Ajrud”
By Hershel Shanks

“Is it a she or is it a he?” is only one of the tantalizing questions raised by the remarkable finds at this remote site in the Sinai desert. Why was it built? What is it? Why was it abandoned? And why has it taken nearly four decades to publish the final excavation report? One thing is clear, however: Several inscriptions recovered in the excavation mention the Israelite God “Yahweh.”

“Scribe Links Qumran and Masada”
By Sidnie White Crawford

In an unprecedented breakthrough, paleographer Ada Yardeni recently identified the handwriting of a single scribe on more than 50 Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran and Masada. What can this tell us about the scribal community at Qumran?

“Is T1 Davıd’s Tomb?”
By Jeffrey R. Zorn

Nearly a century ago, French archaeologist Raymond Weill excavated what he identified as tombs in Jerusalem’s City of David—perhaps the royal necropolis of the kings of Judah as located in the Bible. Some scholars have since disputed this claim, but a new examination of more recent archaeological evidence suggests that archaeologist Weill might well have been right.

“From Jewısh to Gentile: How the Jesus Movement Became Christianity”
By Geza Vermes

A small group of observant Jews were the first followers of Jesus. But Christianity evolved into a largely gentile movement over the next century. When were non-Jews first accepted as Jesus’ followers, and how were they distinguished from the original Jewish Christians?


“Authentic or Forged? What to Do When Experts Disagree”
By Hershel Shanks

“God Save the Queen: The Political Origins of Salvation”
By Henry W. Morisada Rietz

“At the Interface of Archaeology and Texts”
By Yonatan Adler

“Persecuting Jews and Christians”
The Fiscus Judaicus and the Parting of the Ways by Marius Heemstra
Reviewed by Shaye J.D. Cohen


HT: J. Lauer





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