Steven Fine Lecture 9.4.12

This lecture will likely prove to be exciting and worthwhile. Can’t wait to see the results.

Announcement from Aaron Koller

Please join us this coming Tuesday, September 4, during the Academic Hour (5:45-6:45),
for the first Yeshiva University Jewish Studies Colloquium of the new year:

Professor Steven Fine

The Yeshiva University Arch of Titus Digital Restoration Project,
A Preliminary Report on Discoveries at the Arch in July, 2012

The Colloquium will meet in Furst Hall (500 West 185th Street, New
York, NY 10033), room 535.

This lecture will present, for the first time in a public forum, the
results of the YU Arch of Titus Digital Restoration Project pilot
excursion to Rome in July, 2012. It will highlight discoveries by an
international team led by Prof. Fine that revealed the original golden
pigment of the Arch of Titus menorah using the newest technological
means, and plans for a full expedition in Summer 2013 (pending
funding). This lecture will explore the significance of this search
for the original polychromy of the Arch of Titus for our understanding
of Roman Imperial art, the vessels of the בית המקדש [the Jerusalem
Temple], and the First Jewish Revolt (66-74 CE)

For some background, see here and some of the success stories here.
HT: J. Lauer!


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