New SBL Publications

Here are some new publication from SBL that should be of interest:

The Hodayot (Thanksgiving Psalms): A Study Edition of 1QHa
Eileen M. Schuller and Carol A. Newsom

1QHodayot is recognized as one of the most important of the Dead Sea Scrolls and key to understanding the specific worldview and piety of the Qumran community. It contains a collection of psalms giving thanks for deliverance, salvation, knowledge, and divine mercy. This volume contains the text of 1QHodayot published in the definitive Discoveries in the Judaean Desert volume 40 and the English translation from that volume, lightly revised. It provides the most up-to-date, accessible, and inexpensive access to the text, translation, and official numbering of the columns and lines of 1QH.

Paper $19.95 • 122 pages • ISBN 9781589836921 • Early Judaism and Its Literature 36

The Rediscovery of Jewish Christianity: From Toland to Baur
F. Stanley Jones, editor

This focused collection of essays by international scholars first uncovers the roots of the study of ancient Jewish Christianity in the Enlightenment in early eighteenth-century England, then explores why and how this rediscovery of Jewish Christianity set off the entire modern historical debate over Christian origins. Finally, it examines in detail how this critical impulse made its way to Germany, eventually to flourish in the nineteenth century under F. C. Baur and the Tübingen School. Included is a facsimile reproduction of John Toland’s seminal Nazarenus (1718), which launched the modern study of Jewish Christianity. The contributors are F. Stanley Jones, David Lincicum, Pierre Lurbe, Matt Jackson-McCabe, and Matti Myllykoski.

Paper $33.95 • 262 pages • ISBN 9781589836464 • History of Biblical Studies 5



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