More on the Jesus Burial Tomb…

If I were to be strictly positive, I would say that at least people are talking about archaeology, albeit with highly questionable conclusions. Here some really nice responses to the “Jonah and the Whale?” ossuary (or the Jonah-gate ossuary :)) fiasco….

Over at James Cargill’s “XKV8R”: If the Evidence Doesn’t Fit, Photoshop It: Digital Image Manipulation in the Case of Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor’s Jonah Ossuary

Over at Steve Caruso’s “The Aramaic Blog”: Aspect Adjustment on the Jonah Ossuary
The “Jonah Ossuary” Images Debunked
More on “The Jesus Discovery” – A Fish? Nay.

Unfortunately, there is so much good archaeology that helps us to understand the Jewish context of the early Jesus movement. It would be nice to move in that direction.


3 thoughts on “More on the Jesus Burial Tomb…

    • Yeshua is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek Iesous (Jesus). Jesus was of course Jewish and would have spoken Hebrew.

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