New Journals: JSNT 34/3 (2012) and JSHJ 10/1 (2012)

Journal for the Study of the New Testament (March 2012 34/3)

Andrew T. Lincoln
Contested Paternity and Contested Readings: Jesus’ Conception in Matthew 1.18-25

Jane Heath
‘You Say that I Am a King’ (John 18.37)

N. Clayton Croy and Alice E. Connor
Mantic Mary? The Virgin Mother as Prophet in Luke 1.26-56 and the Early Church

Stephen L. Young
Romans 1.1-5 and Paul’s Christological Use of Hab. 2.4 in Rom. 1.17: An Underutilized Consideration in the Debate

M. David Litwa
Transformation through a Mirror: Moses in 2 Cor. 3.18

Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus(March 2012, 10/1)

Editorial Foreword
pp. 1-2(2)
Author: Webb, Robert L.

The Caiaphas Family
pp. 3-31(29)
Author: Bauckham, Richard

Josephus’ Account of John the Baptist: A Christian Interpolation?
pp. 32-62(31)
Author: Nir, Rivka

The Quest of the Historical Jesus: A Revisionist History through the Lens of Jewish-Christian Relations
pp. 63-86(24)
Author: Donne, Anthony Le

Book Reviews

Books on the Historical Jesus
pp. 87-89(3)
Author: Klancher, Nancy

Books on Subjects Related to the Historical Jesus
pp. 90-92(3)
Author: Elledge, C.D.

Books Received

Books Received
pp. 93-94(2)


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