Discovering Jesus’ Burial Chamber?

I have purposely stayed away from commenting on this topic in order to see how others would weigh in. Needless to say, I was skeptical (as are others) about the conclusions of Simcha and his apparent team (Rami Arav and James Tabor) but the find itself may be significant for research into Second Temple burial practices and styles of iconography.

Discovery and Background

From Feb 28th 2012: ‘Naked Archaeologist’ finds signs Jerusalem cave was used to bury Jesus’ disciples

Simcha Jacobovici, an Emmy-winning documentary director and producer, hopes findings of current explorations will substantiate his earlier theory that Jesus was buried in a nearby cave.
By Nir Hasson

Under an ordinary residential building in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood, a robotic arm with a camera inserted into a Second Temple-era burial cave has revealed mysterious inscriptions and drawings on ossuaries.

Simcha Jacobovici, an Emmy-winning documentary director and producer who is best known for his documentary TV series “The Naked Archaeologist,” argues that the cave served as a burial cave for at least some of Jesus’ disciples.

See also: Huffington Post with short video…


Robert Cargill: On Absalom’ Tomb in Jerusalem and Nephesh Monument Iconography
Jodi Magnes Responds on ASOR’s Blog

James Tabor Preliminary Report: A Preliminary Report of an Exploration of a Sealed 1st Century Tomb in East Talpiot, Jerusalem

Todd Bolen: Jesus Discovery; Tomb Preliminary Report Available

Ferrell Jenkins: Has the tomb of a pre-70 A.D. Christian been found?

MSNBC: Doubts about ‘the Jesus Discovery’

Gordon Franz: A Consideration of the “Fish” on the Ossuary Discussed in The Jesus Discovery


GE’s 21st Century Technology Helps Unlock First Century Secrets

NEW YORK—February 28, 2012—Specially-adapted and standard Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) equipment from the Inspection Technologies business of GE Measurement & Control has been used to carry out an internal inspection of a newly discovered burial tomb, dating from the first century, in Jerusalem. The equipment has provided high definition video images of ossuaries within the tomb to enable archaeological experts to read the ossuary inscriptions and gain some insight into their provenance. The extent of the discoveries will be revealed in a new documentary film and an accompanying book that will be launched on February 28 at the Discovery Museum in New York…

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2 thoughts on “Discovering Jesus’ Burial Chamber?

    • Thanks, Brice! I knew I was forgetting someone. I knew of Mark’s comments. To be honest, I probably have failed to mention 30% of all the bloggers who commented on this find. Indeed, all the attention that this has garnered has its pros and cons.

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