Conrad Schick’s Temple Model is Brought to Jerusalem

Conrad Schick

After spending 100+ years in Basel, Switzerland Conrad Schick’s was recently purchased by Christ Church and brought to Jerusalem.

In one of the rounds of talks between Israel and the Palestinians, the idea came up of dividing the Temple Mount vertically: The Palestinians would get everything aboveground and Israel everything below.

Archaeologist and Jerusalem scholar Shimon Gibson says the next time the subject comes up, the parties should discuss it in Christ Church near Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate, rather than in Oslo or Washington.

That’s because since Sunday, Christ Church has been displaying a model of the contentious sacred mount. The work has returned home after nearly a century and a half in Switzerland.

The model was made 140 years ago by the architect and archaeologist Conrad Schick, whose work in Jerusalem was supported by the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews. Its details reveal that its creator had access to places where no Western scholar of his day was allowed. [rest here]

A Number of his models can be viewed here: Friends of Conrad Schick

Schmidt’s Girl school inside Damascus Gate
At Christ Church
At Bijbelsmuseum Amsterdam
On the Net

HT: J Lauer!


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