Interview with Dr. Jodi Magness

Over at the The Book and the Spade there is a two part interview with Dr. Jodi Magness. The first can be accessed here (On Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit) and the second can be accessed here (On Huqoq) and deals with her excavations at Huqoq.

There is a very interesting discussion on Huqoq, and its monumental synagogue (likely not first century), which lies somewhere between Capernaum and Magdala. She references the synagogue at Capernaum, which she does not think is built on the remains of an earlier synagogue, and Migdal, which she also notes is a pre-70 synagogue. I am unsure of both points but to the second at Migdal, it is surely uncertain that this is a synagogue (She notes in the interview that in the pre-70 period it is quite difficult to determine which building were synagogues because they were often just an assembly room). It has been argued by Steven Notley in a recent conference that the menorah table discovered there reflects priestly life and not synagogal life—at least in the pre-70 period (forthcoming).  Standing at the site, there is little in the migdal building that indicates it is a synagogue apart from it being a large space. In any event, she a great archaeologist and I wait to hear what she discovers at Huqoq.

HT: J Lauer.


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