And We’re Back!: What Happened in the Last Month

Menorah Stamp from Akko (IAA)

So my posts have languished a bit. New semesters always involve getting over an early hump. In any event, enjoy some of the things that have occurred in the last month (It is not in chronological order but there are links provided.)

1. A new explanation for the discovered Temple (see original post) bulla Scholars offer new explanation for rare Temple artifact in Jerusalem (Ha’aretz). 

2. The International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization at the Hebrew University is offering a Workshop on Hebrew Proficiency for University Teachers of Jewish Studies — Reading Academic Texts (You can find the announcement attached here).

3. Dr. Lawrence Schiffman offers an introduction and view of the Discovery Times Square Museum Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit (See video here). Here is a shorter video of some of the artifacts at the exhibit.

4. 6th century CE menorah inscribed stamp discovered near Akko (See here with pics).

5. The Afghan scrolls appear to contain an unknown letter from R. Saadia HaGaon (The Star). The Afghan scrolls make more news (Mystery swirls around Judaic manuscripts discovered in Afghanistan; Chicago Tribune; Scholars intrigued by Afghan scrolls ; JTA).

6. Reformatting the Soncino English Translation to the Babylonian Talmud (

7. Top archaeologists stand against an attempt to rebuild Herod the Great’s tomb at Herodium (Haaretz [English/Hebrew]; also Archaeologists Slam Plan to Rebuild Herod’s Tomb).

8. The author of the fantastic resource HaMafteach—A Talmudic Index—(that I have not been able to get my hands on just yet 😦 ) is interviewed on NPR (A Lawyer, not a Sage, Creates Talmudic Index).

9. Israel Nature Authority apparently destroys caves in new national park (WATCH: Israel nature authority destroys caves in new national park).

HT: J. Lauer for all of the above.

10. In a debate with Bart Ehrman, Dr. Daniel Wallace recently announced that there had been the discovery of a 1st century CE manuscript of the Gospel of Mark. That’s right a 1st century Mark! Unfortunately during the debate he made reference to an unknown expert who work on the document and that book on this manuscript would be published in about year. Needless to say this all very, very suspicious. And some bloggers (Mark Goodacre, Jim Davila, James McGrath, Jim West, Joel Watts, Peter Head, Stephen Carlson, Larry Hurtado) have started to note their own suspicions. If, in fact, such an ancient manuscript is thought to exist it should have been given to the appropriate scholars (even perhaps the public) in order to chime in and work on it. We’ll see what comes of all this.

11. Looks like this will be a good series of lecture sfor all those in the area. The “WHIZIN CENTER FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION at AMERICAN JEWISH UNIVERSITY” in L.A. is hosting ARCHAEOLOGY 2012 with lectures from John Collins, Steven Fine, Isaiah Gafni and Andrea M. Berlin (See site & announcement here).

HT: Todd Bolen’s Blog

12. The possible restoration of some of Israel’s national heritage sites, in particular Lachish—a nice site to visit (Setting Sights in Sites).


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