Solomon’s Quarries

Right down from the Notre Dame Guest House and the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem lies Zedekiah’s Cave, or Solomon’s Quarries. JPost has a small video of the limestone cave [here].

CITYsights: Jerusalem’s underground scene uncovered

Also known as Solomon’s Quarries, Zedekiah’s Cave is a 20,000-square-meter underground limestone quarry running under the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City for a full five blocks, making it the largest man-made cave in Israel.

The cavern extends about 200 meters (650 feet) from its entrance (the only part of it that is natural), it is roughly 100 meters (330 feet) in width, and its depth is more than 9 meters (30 feet) below street level. And yet, as large as the Cave is today, it was once much larger, having spanned beyond the Old City walls all the way to the area of the Garden Tomb.

Although it is known that the cave was carved over a period of several thousand years, no one knows quite how old it actually is… [See rest here]


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