New Dead Sea Discoveries Journal 18.2 (2011)

Dead Sea Discoveries 18/2 2011 [Leiden: Brill]

The Yaad—What is in a Name?
pp. 109-128(20)
Author: van der Kooij, Arie

Pesher and Periodization
pp. 129-154(26)
Author: Tzoref, Shani

The Sinai Revelation according to 4Q377 (Apocryphal Pentateuch B)
pp. 155-172(18)
Author: Feldman, Ariel

“Love Your Fellow as Yourself“: The Interpretation of Leviticus 19:17-18 in the Book of Jubilees
pp. 173-199(27)
Author: Livneh, Atar

A New Fragment of the Book of Ben Sira
pp. 200-205(6)
Authors: Elizur, Shulamit; Rand, Michael

Qumran Textiles and the Garments of Qumran’s Inhabitants
pp. 206-225(20)
Authors: Shamir, Orit; Sukenik, Naama

Examining the Reception and Impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Some Possibilities for Future Investigation
pp. 226-246(21)
Author: Collins, Matthew A.

Book Reviews

Wisdom in Transition: Act and Consequence in Second Temple Instructions
pp. 247-249(3)
Author: Fox, Michael V.

The Exegetical Texts
pp. 250-252(3)
Author: Tzoref, Shani

Sectarianism in Early Judaism: Sociological Advances
pp. 253-255(3)
Author: de Looijer, Gwynned

Echoes from the Caves: Qumran and the New Testament
pp. 256-256(1)
Author: Kaden, David A.

Conservatism and Innovation in the Hebrew Language of the Hellenistic Period: Proceedings of a Fourth International Symposium on the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls & Ben Sira
pp. 257-259(3)
Author: Jones, Andrew

Book Reviews

Qoumrân et le judaïsme du tournant de notre ère. Actes de la Table Ronde, Collège de France, 16 novembre 2004
pp. 260-263(4)
Author: Berthelot, Katell

Laraméen des manuscrits de la mer Morte, I. Grammaire
pp. 264-273(10)
Authors: Puech, Émile

Qumran Cave 1.III: 1QHodayota: With Incorporation of 1QHodayotb and 4QHodayota-f
pp. 274-276(3)
Author: Harkins, Angela Kim


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