Newly Discovered Photos of 1950’s Qumran

Cave 4, not from the 50's 🙂

I initially saw this on Aryeh Amihay’s FB page and it appears to have been first posted by Jim West at Zwinglius Redivivus on July 7th. The photos were posted by The Palestine Exploration Fund and can be seen here Newly Discovered Qumran Photographs from the 1950s. The flickr feed is especially nice when they show a picture from the 50’s right before a modern day picture from the same vantage point.

Bibliographic info:

New Photographs of the Qumran Excavations from 1954 and Interpretations of L.77 and L.86′ Wagemakers, Bart; Taylor, Joan E. Palestine Exploration Quarterly (ISSN: 0031-0328); Volume 143, No. 2, pp. 134-156(23); July 2011 Maney Publishing.


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