The Tomb of David and the Place of the Last Supper

The Cenaculum: The Place of the Last Supper

Almost a month ago the JPost put up a nice video dealing with the two tombs of David. The traditional tomb of King David lies on the western hill of Jerusalem, Mount Zion. This is well outside of the boundaries thought to make up the ancient City of David and contrasts with the biblical evidence that David, in uncommon fashion, was buried within the city limits. Interestingly, another site, which meets with some controversy, lies directly above the tomb of King David and that is the traditional site of the Last Supper or Cenaculum. It has been argued that this site was just outside of the city wall  during the time of Jesus and that it was not until after his death that a wall encompassing the western hill was built. The argument continues that if Jesus was in fact part of the Passover Seder for his last supper then it would have necessarily taken place within the walls of the city according the Jewish halakha. In any event see the video here: CITYsights: A Tale of Two Tombs. This is also a nice example of what seems to occur often in the ancient land of Israel, that is, that a holy site remains a holy site regardless of  which religion it belongs to.

Jerusalem: Tomb of David


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