New JSNT 33/3 (March, 2011)


James Carleton Paget
Schweitzer and Paul

Susannah Heschel
Historiography of Antisemitism versus Anti-Judaism: A Response to Robert Morgan

T.J. Lang
‘You will desire to see and you will not see [it]’: Reading Luke 17.22 as Antanaclasis

Dustin W. Ellington
Imitating Paul’s Relationship to the Gospel: 1 Corinthians 8.1-11.1

Review Discussion of C. Kavin Rowe, World Upside Down

Steve Walton
World Upside Down? A Conversation with C. Kavin Rowe

John M.G. Barclay
Pushing Back: Some Questions for Discussion

Matthew Sleeman
The Vision of Acts: World Right Way Up

C. Kavin Rowe
Reading World Upside Down: A Response to Matthew Sleeman and John Barclay


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