New Journal for the Study of Judaism 42/1 (2011)

Reading the Temple Warning as a Greek Visitor
pp. 1-22(22)
Authors: Llewelyn, Stephen R.; van Beek, Dionysia

The Noetic Turn in Jewish Thought
pp. 23-57(35)
Authors: Giulea, Dragoş A.

Conversion and Midrash: On Proselytes and Sympathisers with Judaism in Leviticus Rabbah
pp. 58-82(25)
Authors: Maciá, Lorena Miralles

Sustain Me with Raisin-Cakes: Pesikta deRav Kahana and the Popularization of Rabbinic Judaism
pp. 83-84(2)
Author: Teugels, Lieve

Not Reckoned among Nations: The Origins of the So-Called “Jewish Question” in Roman Antiquity
pp. 85-86(2)
Author: van der Lans, Birgit

Tracing the Evidence: Dinah in Post-Hebrew Bible Literature
pp. 87-88(2)
Author: Oegema, Albertina

A Roadmap to the Heavens: An Anthropological Study of Hegemony among Priests, Sages, and Laymen
pp. 89-90(2)
Authors: Stemberger, Günter

Enoch and the Mosaic Torah: The Evidence of Jubilees
pp. 91-91(1)
Author: Crawford, Sidnie White

The Sicarii in Josephus’s Judean War: Rhetorical Analysis and Historical Observations
pp. 92-93(2)
Author: Klawans, Jonathan

The Significance of Sinai: Traditions about Sinai and Divine Revelation in Judaism and Christianity
pp. 94-95(2)
Author: Lindqvist, Pekka

The Use of the Old Testament in Hebrews: A Case Study in Early Jewish Bible Interpretation.
pp. 96-97(2)
Author: Moffitt, David M.

Jewish and Christian Scripture as Artifact and Canon.
pp. 98-100(3)
Author: Beyerle, Stefan

Poème judéo-hellénistique attribué à Orphée: Production juive et réception chrétienne. Traduit, présenté et annoté.
pp. 101-102(2)
Author: Maier, Johann

Damit Gott sei alles in allem: Studien zum paulinischen und frühjüdischen Universalismus.
pp. 103-104(2)
Author: Krauter, Stefan

Talmud Yerushalmi I/10: `Orla—Unbeschnittene Bäume.
pp. 105-105(1)
Author: Morell, Olga Ruiz

Tractate Middot: Variant Readings for Chapters 3, 4 and 5 Presented in Novel Form as a Transcript of Manuscripts and Early Printed Texts.
pp. 106-106(1)
Authors: Stemberger, Günter

Northern Lights on the Dead Sea Scrolls: Proceedings of the Nordic Qumran Network 2003-2006.
pp. 107-108(2)
Author: Miller, Shem

Essays on the Book of Enoch and Other Early Jewish Texts and Traditions.
pp. 109-111(3)
Author: Beyerle, Stefan

Paul’s Anthropology in Context: The Image of God, Assimilation to God, and Tripartite Man in Ancient Judaism, Ancient Philosophy and Early Christianity.
pp. 112-114(3)
Author: Petersen, Anders Klostergaard

Settlement and History in Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Galilee: An Archaeological Survey of the Eastern Galilee.
pp. 115-116(2)
Authors: Faßbeck, Gabriele

Talmud Yerushalmi III/3: Ketubbot—Ehevert räge
pp. 117-117(1)
Author: van Bekkum, Wout

The Terminology of the Yerushalmi: The Principal Terms
pp. 118-119(2)
Authors: Stemberger, Günter

XIII Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies: Ljubljana, 2007
pp. 120-121(2)
Author: van der Louw, Theo

Translation and Survival: The Greek Bible of the Ancient Jewish Diaspora
pp. 122-123(2)
Authors: Jonquière, Tessel

Sefer ha-Razim I und II: Das Buch der Geheimnisse 1 und II. Band 2. Einleitung, Übersetzung und Kommentar
pp. 124-125(2)
Author: Maier, Johann

Making Myths: Jews in Early Christian Identity Formation
pp. 126-127(2)
Author: Ottenheijm, Eric

Die Geburt des Judentums aus dem Geist des Christentums: Fünf Vorlesungen zur Entstehung des rabbinischen Judentums
pp. 128-129(2)
Author: Langer, Gerhard

Iggud: Selected Essays in Jewish Studies. Volume 1. The Bible and Its World, Rabbinic Literature and Jewish Law, and Jewish Thought
pp. 130-131(2)
Author: van Bekkum, Wout

Were the Jews a Mediterranean Society? Reciprocity and Solidarity in Ancient Judaism
pp. 132-132(1)
Author: Beentjes, P. C.

Peoples of the New Testament World: An Illustrated Guide
pp. 133-133(1)
Author: Jason, Mark

Other Publications
pp. 134-139(6)


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