New! Novum Testamentum 53/1 (2011)

The Shared Meal—a Therapeutical Device The Function and Meaning of Hos 6:6 in Matt 9:10-13 pp. 1-21(21)
Author: Ottenheijm, Eric

Acts and the Fragmentary Hellenistic Jewish Authors pp. 22-51(30)
Author: Holladay, Carl R.

Long Hair as a Glory and as a Covering Removing an Ambiguity from 1 Cor 11:15 pp. 52-72(21)
Author: Massey, Preston T.

Godliness, Self-Sufficiency, Greed, and the Enjoyment of Wealth 1 Timothy 6:3-19 Part II pp. 73-96(24)
Author: Malherbe, Abraham J.

L’ange et la sueur de sang (Luc 22,43-44): Ou comment on pourrait bien encore écrire l’histoire
pp. 97-99(3)
Author: Lafleur, Didier

The Three Gospels: New Testament History Introduced by the Synoptic Problem pp. 100-100(1)
Author: Goodacre, Mark

Jesus Research: An International Perspective pp. 101-104(4)
Author: Pascut, Beniamin

Vale pp. 105-105(1)
Author: Sibinga, Joost Smit


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