May His Memory Be For A Blessing: Prof. Ehud Netzer passes away

Prof. Netzer with Herod Reconstructed Sarcophagus

Apparently an accident in Herodium involving Ehud Netzer  is only being reported on in the Hebrew versions of Israeli news (here, and here). Now word on the blogosphere is that Prof. Netzer has succumbed to injuries that he suffered two days ago in Herodium during the beginning of an archaeology class.

Prof Netzer was a world-class archaeologist who literally wrote the book on Herodian architecture, Architecture of Herod, the Great Builder (Baker Academic, 2008). More recently, in the last two years, Prof. Netzer had discovered the burial place of Herod at Herodium.

He was professor Emeritus at the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His career started in the mid-60’s as a co-architect in Yadin’s Masada Excavations. !זיכרונו לברכה

HT: J. Lauer!


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