Dead Sea Discoveries 17/3 2010

Pairing Research Questions and Theories of Genre: A Case Study of the Hodayot
pp. 270-288(19)
Author: Newsom, Carol A.

Joining the Club: A Suggestion about Genre in Early Jewish Texts
pp. 289-314(26)
Author: Wright, Benjamin G. III

Qumran Wisdom Literature and the Problem of Genre
pp. 315-335(21)
Author: Goff, Matthew

Pesher: A Cognitive Model of the Genre
pp. 336-360(25)
Author: Williamson, Robert Jr.

Genre Theory, Rewritten Bible and Pesher
pp. 361-386(26)
Author: Brooke, George J.

The Epistle of Enoch: Genre and Authorial Presentation
pp. 387-417(31)
Author: Stuckenbruck, Loren T.

Epilogue: Genre Analysis and the Dead Sea Scrolls
pp. 418-430(13)
Author: Collins, John J.

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