Dead Sea Discoveries 17/2 2010


Jubilees 46:6-47:1 and 4QVisions of Amram
pp. 141-158(18)
Author: VanderKam, James C.

The Hodayot’s Use of the Psalter: Text-critical Contributions (Book 3: Pss 73-89)
pp. 159-179(21)
Author: Elwolde, John

Meals and Politics in the Yahad: A Reconsideration
pp. 180-209(30)
Author: Eckhardt, Benedikt

The Numismatic Finds from the Qumran Plateau Excavations 2004-2006, and 2008 Seasons
pp. 210-225(16)
Authors: Farhi, Yoav; Price, Randall

Book Reviews

Rabbinic Perspectives: Rabbinic Literature and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium of the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature, 7-9 January, 2003
pp. 227-230(4)
Authors: Stemberger, Günter

Qumran Cave 4. XXVII: Textes araméens, deuxième partie: 4Q550-575a, 580-587 et Appendices
pp. 231-233(3)
Author: Collins, John J.

The Self-Understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls Community: An Eternal Planting, A House of Holiness
pp. 234-236(3)
Author: Jokiranta, Jutta

Conflicted Boundaries in Wisdom and Apocalypticism
pp. 237-239(3)
Author: Wold, Benjamin G.



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