Dura Europas

Torah Niche at Dura Europas

The fresco murals at Dura Europas have continued to generate significant interest. The well-preserved works not only speak to Jewish and Early Christian art but also Scripture and Scriptural interpretation, as well as halachic concerns regarding graven images in a synagogue.

Richard McBee’s 3-part  article “Dura Considered” is a nice survey of the frescoes [PART 1, PART 2, PART 3].

A while Dr. Steven Notley and I did some work for the Center for Online Judaic Studies and several of their videos have been placed on blip.tv. In a short video Dr. Steven Fine describes the excavation of the Dura Europas synagogue [HERE].

You will also find Stephen Goranson’s article “Over the Holy Day at Dura-Europas” HERE.

H(Hearty)HT: J. Lauer



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