Must Read: Noah and His Book(s)

A new volume edited by Michael Stone, Aryeh Amihay and Vered Hillel.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Fragments and Documents Associated with a “Book of Noah”

Michael E. Stone, “The Book(s) Attributed to Noah”

Vered Hillel, “A Reconsideration of Charles’s Designated ‘Noah Interpolations’ in 1 Enoch: 54:1–55:1; 60; 65:1–69:25”

Michael Tuval, “Is 1 Enoch 6–11 a ‘Noachic’ Fragment? A Scholarly Discussion”

Aryeh Amihay and Daniel A. Machiela, “Traditions of the Birth of Noah”

Claire Pfann, “A Note on 1Q19: The ‘Book of Noah’ ”

Esther Eshel, “The Noah Cycle in the Genesis Apocryphon”

Jeremy Penner, “Is 4Q534–536 Really about Noah?”

Rebecca Scharbach, “The Rebirth of a Book: Noachic Writing in Medieval and Renaissance Europe”

Part 2: Noah Traditions

Benjamin G. Wright III, “Noah and the Flood in the Septuagint”

Nadav Sharon and Moshe Tishel, “Distinctive Traditions about Noah and the Flood in Second Temple Jewish Literature”

Michael Tuval, “The Role of Noah and the Flood in Judean Antiquities and Against Apion by Flavius Josephus”

Albert C. Geljon, “Philo’s Interpretation of Noah”

Aryeh Amihay, “Noah in Rabbinic Literature”

Sergey Minov, “Noah and the Flood in Gnosticism”

Daniel A. Machiela, “Some Jewish Noah Traditions in Syriac Christian Sources”

Erica Martin, “The Literary Presentation of Noah in the Qur’ān”

Ruth Clements, “A Shelter amid the Flood: Noah’s Ark in Early Jewish and Christian Art”

Part 3: Miscellaneous Noah Texts and Traditions

Vered Hillel and Michael E. Stone, “Noah in Onomastic Traditions”

Michael E. Stone, “Mount Ararat and the Ark”


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