Ancient Synagogue Found at Horvat Kur

Ancient synagogue discovered at Horvat Kur

A group of researchers and students from the University of Helsinki Faculty of Theology participated in a project that unearthed an ancient synagogue in Israel.

The excavations of an international research group at Israel’s Horvat Kur in June and July culminated in the discovery of a subterranean wall. It turned out to be the western wall of a synagogue dating back to the 5th century CE. On the western side of the wall there is a cobblestone pavement, possibly the courtyard of the building. In addition, fragments of pilasters, among other things, were discovered in a nearby excavation.

Excavations were also carried out on a hill close by, where remnants of two courtyards and a room full of discarded pottery were discovered. This summer’s projects were the first systematic excavations in the village of Horvat Kur. The aim is to extend the excavation both around the synagogue and domestic quarters[]

HT: J Lauer



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