New Issue of Novum Testamentum (vol. 52/ no. 3)


“By the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses” Paul’s Invocation of a Deuteronomic Statute
Welborn, Laurence L

Bodiless Demons and Written Gospels: Reflections on “’The Gospel According to the Hebrews’ in the Apostolic Fathers”
Mitchell, Matthew W.

Ehe als Sanatorium: Plutarchs Coniugalia Praecepta und die Pastoralbriefe
Becker, Matthias

A Note on Problems with the Representation of 1 John 1:7 in Codex Alexandrinus
Ciampa, Roy E.

Supplement III to J.K. Elliott, A Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts
Elliott, J.K.

Book Reviews:

Early Christian Books in Egypt
Rodgers, Peter R.

The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology
Elliott, J.K.

Book Notes:

Book Notes
Elliott, J.K.

Brill  HERE
Igenta Connect HERE



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