Jacob Milgrom: May his memory be for a blessing.

On June 5th (2010) world renown scholar, Jacob Milgrom, passed away. Prof. Milgrom immigrated to Israel in 1994 and was probably best known for his commentary on Leviticus (3 vols., Anchor Yale Bible Series), but also wrote the JPS commentary on Numbers. Before his passing he completed the Ezekiel commentary for the Anchor Yale Bible Series, first mentioned in the 2008 Lindsey Lectures.

With the passing of Professor Jacob Milgrom on Saturday in Jerusalem, Israel has lost its second leading Bible scholar in three weeks. Both Milgrom, who immigrated in 1994, and Professor Moshe Greenberg, who died last month at 81, were American-born Conservative rabbis and academics recognized as preeminent authorities in their field. Milgrom was 87.

“He was a master in the understanding of biblical cult and ritual and became the paradigm of research in this field – his works are cited by everyone,” said Professor Shalom Paul, a native Philadelphian and former chairman of Hebrew University’s Bible department.

“Jacob Milgrom’s Torah was his life,” his longtime student and friend Baruch J. Schwartz said at the funeral Monday in Jerusalem. “Not only did he devote his life to the study of Torah, the theologically profound insights that emerged from his research became a part of his own existential truth, a truth that he sought to put into practice as well.”[…See rest HERE]

See also: World’s foremost Leviticus scholar dies at 87 (AP)



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