UPDATE: Burial Shroud Found in Jerusalem

Anyone interested in the burial shroud found in Jerusalem that has found its way into the blogosphere as well as several news agencies should see Todd Bolen’s review of the situation:

Leper Wrapped in Cloth Buried in Jerusalem

The headlines on the web this morning are a little more sensational:

The tomb was found nearly a decade ago, and all of the sensational results have been known for years.  Two of the excavators, Gibson and Tabor, have both written extensively on this discovery in books they have published.

What is new is the publication of an article in the US Public Library of Science Journal, with the finding that this was evidence of the first human known to have leprosy.  That’s good, but it’s not news.  Maybe the news is buried in the details, and the publication of this article provides an opportunity to review an important discovery.  That’s fine, but it should be noted that news outlets lead you to believe that there are more discoveries than they actually are because they report the same items time after time, particularly during the Christmas and Easter seasons.

If you read only one article, I’d suggest the one in the Jerusalem Post.  But the best photos are in the Daily Mail.  Here are the important facts:

  • A man was buried in this tomb between AD 1 and 50.
  • The rock-hewn tomb was located on the south side of the Hinnom Valley, in a cemetery used by the wealthy.
  • The man was wrapped in a burial shroud with a different weave from that of the Shroud of Turin.
  • The deceased suffered from tuberculosis and leprosy.  (Apparently even the rich got sick.)
  • A significant portion of the dead man’s hair was recovered and analyzed (it was clean, short, and lice-free).
  • The man did not receive a secondary burial in an ossuary, as was typical at the time….

Read the rest here: Bibleplaces.com


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