Hoard of Coins, Pottery, and Weapons Discovered from the Bar Kokhba Rebellion 132-135 CE

From Red Orbit article

From Red Orbit article

One of the oft forgotten rebellions, prehaps due to the paucity of sources, is the Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-135) that took place nearly 70 years after the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE. Scholars speculate that this revolt, also known as the Second Jewish Revolt, against Rome was more successful than the first but also more bloody.

As recent discovery of coins, pottery, and weapons was made dating to the Bar-Kokhba Period.

The following is from the JPost:

Israeli archeologists unveiled never before seen historical artifacts from a recent discovery of a Judean Hills cave used by Jewish refugees during the Bar Kokhba rebellion in 132-35 CE. The findings were presented at a press conference held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Wednesday morning.

The massive discovery marks the first time Israeli researchers have ever found a large hoard of ancient coins from this era. The gold, silver and bronze coins, 120 in all, were discovered in an undisclosed location within the ‘Green Line’ of Israel. The unlocking of the almost inaccessible cave also yielded iron weapons, storage jars, oil lamps, a juglet, a silver earring and a glass bottle.

The 20-meter deep cave and its bounty are continuing to be explored by Prof. Amos Frumkin and Boaz Langford of the Cave Research Unit in the Department of Geography of the Hebrew University and Dr. Boaz Zissu and Prof. Hanan Eshel of the Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at Bar-Ilan University. The project is made possible with the support of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

The artifacts are believed to be solid evidence proving the theory that Jews found refuge in the Judean Hills during the time-period.

With this find, Prof. Zissu said that the distribution of the coins in the region helps to further “indicate the geographical extent of the Jewish presence outside of Jerusalem” during the Roman occupation of the land of Israel. Prof. Zissu further explained that “since there is not a definitive historian (from the era), we have to rely on the information we find from the coins and discoveries.”

Prof. Frumkin added “this discovery verifies the assumption that the refugees of the revolt fled to caves in the center of a populated area in addition to the caves found in more isolated areas of the Judean desert.” The researchers believe that the Judean Hills cave served as a hiding place, with its proximity to the ancient city of Betar, for a dozen or more Jewish fighters…

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Congrats from Aren Maeir: Congrads to Boaz Zissu, Hanan Eshel et al.

Thanks to J. Lauer!



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