3rd Century CE Synagogue Discovered in Lycia

Lycia is one of the cities mentioned in the NT as a city Paul came across during his journeys (Acts 27:5). Archaeologist are reporting to have found a Jewish temple in the port city of Andriake: (in Today’s ZamanJewish temple found in ancient port city at Lycian site

“Ongoing excavations at the ancient port city of Andriake in Lycia — located in Antalya’s Demre district — have uncovered a centuries-old Jewish temple.

Site chief Dr. Nevzat Çevik, an archaeology professor at Akdeniz University, told the Anatolia news agency that his team believes the temple is from around the third century. Located on a choice spot facing the sea, the temple was likely built following a law instituted in 212 that allowed Jews the right to become Roman citizens, Çevik said.

The find is important as it is the first archaeological trace of Jewish culture found in Lycia. “For the archaeological world, the world of science and particularly for Lycian archaeology and history, we’re facing an important find here. It’s the first remnant of Lycian Jewish culture we’ve found,” Çevik said, describing the find. “When we first discovered the temple, we weren’t sure what it was, but after continuing to dig, the archaeological findings and particularly the first-quality marble slabs that we found were evidence for us that they were part of a Jewish temple….”

BAR reported on this here.
Here is a nice site on Lycia.

Note: Not sure why the term “temple” is being used regarding what was found. My assumption is the term “temple” is being used to refer to a synagogue as is common in modern vernacular.



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