Lod Mosaic Set to Make Visit to Metropolitan Museum of New York

Pic from NYT

Pic from NYT

One of the largest (600 sq. ft.) and most beautiful mosaics was re-exposed in Lod, Israel for only the second time since it was found over a decade ago. The mosaic is being prepared to make a trip overseas in March to be displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Israeli archaeologist, Miriam Avissar discovered the ancient mosaic in 1996 on behalf of the IAA. (Can’t wait to see this when it is here in March!)

From AP (Moshe Edri):

Israeli archaeologists unveiled one of the largest and best preserved mosaics ever found in the country Wednesday, for only the second time since it was discovered more than a decade ago.

The 600-square-foot (56 square meter), 1,700-year-old Roman floor mosaic was found in 1996 during an archaeological dig in the town of Lod near Tel Aviv. It drew 10,000 visitors in the one weekend it was on display then, according to the Israeli Antiquities Authority, the government agency responsible for its restoration.

The agency covered the mosaic back up, though, because it lacked funding to properly protect it, said Miriam Avisar, the archaeologist who first unearthed the mosaic.

Cont’d from AP: Ancient mosaic comes out of hiding in Israel

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Once again a big thanks to J. Lauer for the above information.

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