Archaeology News: Roman Era Cave Discovered; Delays to Ophel Construction

UPDATE: From Joe Lauer— Post from the University of Haifa (Hebrew with photos)  YNet: מערה ענקית מימי בית שני נתגלתה בבקעת הירדן; Madaba Map:

From YNet (Haifa's Dig)

From YNet (Haifa's Dig)

Thanks again to Joe Lauer for keeping us notified to breaking news in the archaeological world.

Massive quarry bearing Christian symbols and perhaps dating to the time of Jesus discovered by an archaeological team under the direction of Prof. Adam Zertal (Haifa University).

Huge Roman-era cave found by Jericho by Jonah Mandal (JPost)

More articles:

Ancient Holy Land Quarry by Ari Rabinovitch (Reuters),                    Discovery of Giant Underground Quarry by Ran Shapira (Haaretz)

New on Construction on the Ophel:

State refuses to set schedule for Ophel construction work by JPOST.COM STAFF

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2 thoughts on “Archaeology News: Roman Era Cave Discovered; Delays to Ophel Construction

  1. So, the cave itself dates back to the time of Christ, but they’re saying that it was used as a quarry for 400-500 years before it was used as a monastery. Correct?

    Now, maybe I’m missing something here, but I’m struggling to see what this has to do with nascent Christianity. Not to say that the find isn’t interesting

    • I think “time of Jesus” is a term used to attract a wider group of readers. It simply means that the quarry existed in Jericho during the Roman period and is the largest manmade one to be discovered. Later in the Byzantine period it was used a sacred Christian site, which is the reason for the crosses. This is a common occurrence in ancient archaeological sites, that is, that sites are continuously readapted in later periods for different purposes.

      Prof. Adam Zertal is working with the early idea that this site represents Gilgal as reflected in the well-known Madaba map.

      As far as nascent Christianity is concerned, it may have no significance. Further study is needed.

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