Must Haves—Rewriting Scripture in Second Temple Times & The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hasmonean State

Since I am spending the summer reading a ton of material to eventually take my major comprehensive exam, I figured that sharing some of the more important resources will keep my feet to the fire, so-to-speak, and provide me with some sort of reading purpose. So, enjoy!


Sidnie White Crawford’s, Rewriting Scripture in Second Temple Times (pp. 144; Eerdmans, 2008) is a welcomed addition to my list—it’s a quick read! But that’s not the only reason. Crawford writes clearly and does a great job addressing an issue that can be somewhat confusing within scholarship’s discourse.

Rewritten Bible was a term coined by Geza Vermes in the 60’s. Crawford prefers the term Rewritten Scripture and surveys texts discovered in the Judean Desert from those works that are intended to be biblical manuscripts but preserve innerscriptural exegesis and harmonization (e.g. Pre-Samaritan text-types), to those works that utilize scripture as a base text but expand on them so that they become a complete new creation (e.g. Jubilees, the Temple Scroll).


Translated by David Louvish and Aryeh Amihay from Dr. Eshel’s Hebrew volume by the same name, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hasmonean State (Eerdmans & Yad Ben-Zvi; 2008), surveys them in order to draw a detailed attention to the interlacing of history, specifically of the Hasmonean monarchy, and Second Temple literature.

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